Don’t Tell The Bride!
23 Sep 2019

Don’t Tell The Bride!

Thankfully, it’s not often I get asked to prepare a marriage celebration with just two days notice, but that’s what happened when I was invited to be the celebrant on the popular E4 TV show “Don’t Tell The Bride!”

I usually spend hours chatting to both groom and bride to be, but there was certainly no chance of me telling this particular bride anything because I wasn’t allowed to meet or even talk to her before the service.

No problem. I’m used to working under pressure. So, after a briefing from the groom Dean, lots of phone calls and emails flying back and forth between us (and a couple of days burning midnight oil) I was fully prepared to conduct the wedding service I had composed.

Unfortunately, Dean’s bride Kayleigh was less prepared. When we first met on the day of the wedding at the Mere Court Hotel in Knutsford, she arrived looking radiant – albeit slightly bemused having had numerous ‘problems’ to cope with beforehand and had got to the point of wondering what other ‘hiccups’ might present themselves on this special day. Thankfully, it was a gloriously sunny day – probably because the weather was the only thing out of the groom’s control.

Unbeknown to Kayleigh and their guests, her husband-to-be had chosen as his theme “The Play That Goes Wrong!”

Dean’s “wedding that goes wrong” makes interesting and amusing viewing and fortunately Kayleigh saw the funny side of all Dean’s japes so didn’t hesitate to say “I do!”.

For the full story tune in on Sunday 29th September – Channel E4 at 9pm.