Funeral Services

To mourn a death… celebrate a life… bring comfort to the living.

Time To Say Goodbye

Creating a dignified and appropriate funeral can be a difficult and emotional task for those in grief, especially in tragic circumstances. But a funeral does not have to be an exclusively sad or solemn occasion.


am experienced in offering support, guidance and help creating services sympathetically tailored to the requirements of the bereaved and the individual wishes of the deceased, whilst showing consideration for the circumstances of their demise.

I am passionate about helping people say goodbye through ceremonies that are personal, meaningful and a true celebration of the deceased’s life.

One of the skills required to be a good celebrant is the ability to prepare a eulogy, telling the story of a person’s life.

It’s a task that I always consider a privilege to be invited to undertake.

A eulogy should be researched and written in a way that truly captures the essence of the decedent – whilst showing consideration for the circumstances of their demise.

For those who choose to have a traditional burial ceremony.

Woodland burial can also be known as natural burial or green burial. It is becoming an increasingly popular choice in the UK.

There are quite a few different options in the North West, each with a different character. I can advise on the woodland burial sites available.

Families that choose this kind of grave for their loved one find it soothing to be somewhere natural. It helps them to understand that their loss is a natural part of life and the planet’s life cycle.

Some of these woodland cemeteries are a piece of land that will mature into a piece of woodland in the future. Some are already set amongst mature trees and are especially landscaped for their particular use. Graves aren’t marked with vertical marble headstones as they are in traditional cemeteries. Graves are either left unmarked or they have a small wooden marker or a horizontal flat engraved natural stone marker. One of the advantages with these kind of graves is that they don’t have to be maintained in same the way as old style graves. Many woodland and natural burial grounds discourage items being left on graves and they restrict planting to only native trees and plants.

An additional, usually short, ceremony following the cremation service.

A memorial service is one given for the deceased when the body is not present.

It takes place after the cremation or burial of the deceased including burial at sea, or after donation of the body to an academic or research institution.

Memorial services can take place at any time after the death – there is no restriction on when the service should be held.   It may also be appropriate for the first anniversary of the death.

It can be appropriate for a variety of reasons:

  • A family who have preferred to have a limited private service may decide to hold a memorial service open to a wider group of mourners wishing to pay their respects to the deceased
  • A family whose loved one has died and been cremated in another country may also decide to hold a memorial service for those who were unable to attend the actual funeral.
  • The deceased may be of a distinct celebrity status, and holding a public ceremony would result in too many guests who are not acquainted with the deceased to participate.


  • The person is missing and presumed dead, or known to be deceased though the body is not recoverable.

Memorial services may be held in any locations with personal significance, such as a favorite beach, park, family home, or venues that can accommodate a large group – maybe a favorite restaurant, banquet hall, or other event space like a community centre.

There is no formal structure to a memorial service. As with a traditional funeral, people may participate in many different ways including delivering readings or prayers, reading poems, singing songs or playing musical instruments, or by simply sharing a memory of the person who has died.

The emotions felt by many people at the death of losing a pet should never be underestimated.

As a pet owner, I understand the grief of losing a pet and realise that the pain suffered from the loss of an animal friend can be just as equal to the suffering of losing a relative.

A pet that has given unconditional love and faithful companionship is just as deserving as any human. Therefore, a simple service to say farewell is entirely appropriate and can help with the grief experienced in these sad circumstances.

I have conducted services at the invitation of the following funeral directors:

  • Oxley’s, Crewe
  • Dodgson’s, Knutsford
  • George Bell, Northwich
  • Co-Op Funeralcare, Wilmslow
  • Co-Op Funeralcare, Sandbach
  • Co-Op Funeralcare, Northwich
  • Co-Op Funeralcare, Barnton
  • Graham Tresidder, Nantwich
  • Ashton Brookes, Altrincham
  • Williams and Lowe, Sandbach
  • Griffiths and Booth, Sandbach
  • T.H. Lightfoots, Holmes Chapel
  • Kenneth Dewey and Sons, Hale
  • Wellens and Sons, Middleton
  • A.W. Burrows and Son, Nantwich
  • John Garside and Son, Biddulph
  • Joseph Edwards and Sons, Alsager

If this brief resume prompts any questions, I would welcome a chat on the telephone or I am equally happy to arrange a meeting.