Wedding Celebrations

Many couples believe that marriage is more than signing a piece of paper and are looking for a more meaningful and personal ceremony.

I Do Solemnly Declare

To legally marry in England involves a very short civil ceremony at a Registry Office or at approved premises.


t can be very short and basic and does not involve the exchange of rings or vows it you don’t want it to. It comprises a Declaration and Marriage Contract of just 32 words, in front of two witnesses. Once completed you then have the choice of where, how and when you want to exchange your wedding vows and rings and enjoy your celebrations.

I can advise you on meeting the legal requirements to be married and then help create a unique and special occasion befitting the commitment being made – a joyous celebration to be cherished and remembered.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, someone to shape a ceremony for you, or someone to breathe life into the plans and ideas you already have, I will work with you to create a special occasion and memorable ceremony that expresses your love and commitment to each other in a totally unique, personalised and meaningful way.

  • Ring warming
  • Handfasting
  • Wine
  • Sand and Rose ceremonies
  • Celtic oathing stone
  • Pebble warming
  • Jumping the broom
  • Time capsules
  • First argument box
  • Truce bell
  • Bread, salt, vodka
  • Unity coins

The above are random words and phrases all related to different types of ceremonies and traditions from around the world. I can explain all these to help you choose one that suits your wedding or help you devise your own!

If this brief resume prompts any questions, I would welcome a chat on the telephone or I am equally happy to arrange a meeting.